Logo Design & Branding

When you hear the term “branding,” what often comes to mind is a logo design. Yes, a logo is an important part of your branding, however a brand is so much more than that!

A brand can most simply be defined as a person’s “gut feeling” about your business. The thing is, this not something you can completely control, however it is something you can influence! That’s what we’re here to help you with.

We design your brand so that you make the best impression,

setting yourself apart from your competitors and building a strong emotional connection to your customers. Learn more about branding here.

Our Branding Package

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is your company’s brand aesthetic. We develop visual elements like color schemes, typography, background textures, icons, and, yes, a stunning logo design. These elements get applied to your website and marketing materials so that you can present a consistent look throughout.

Brand Attributes

Through our brand discovery process, we work with you to clearly define your brand. We develop brand attributes for your company–your culture, your tone of voice, your value proposition, and more.

Brand Messaging

We believe that there is more to your brand than just aesthetics. That’s why we also work to develop your messaging, from your mission statement to your marketing message. We help you clearly articulate what you do and the value to add, in a way your customers will understand. This messaging can easily be applied to your website, an elevator pitch, etc.

Our Process



First, we walk you through a discovery process of getting to know your brand, your target demographic, goals, and more. Together, we also create an "inspiration board," which we fill up with images that help us to visually understand the brand you are trying to create.


Logo Development

We design 3 different logo concepts based on our discovery process. We present these concepts to you, and you get to choose which direction you would like to go in. As needed, we can make revisions to this logo to make sure we get it just right! Once we've finalized the design, we deliver your logo in different file formats and provide alternate versions.


Brand Guidebook

Lastly, we provide you with a “Brand Guidebook”. This outlines your brand identity with color palettes, typography, and more for your brand aesthetic. It also includes your brand attributes and messaging. This guide will help you to stay true to your brand identity throughout the life of your company.