6 Ways to Brand Your Instagram Profile to Attract More Followers

Whether you are working to grow a company or a personal brand on Instagram, branding your Instagram profile is extremely important!

Branding or “brand identity” refers to all of the visual components associated with you company. It includes your logo, your color scheme, your uniform, the interior design of your store, photography, and much more.

With this in mind, branding your Instagram is vital for three primary reasons:

  1. Of all the social networks, Instagram is by far the most visual. So how you “look” on Instagram makes a difference.
  2. Branding brings uniformity to all of your marketing materials, of which Instagram is one of them. The purpose of having a uniform look is to develop recognition for your brand over time.
  3. When branding is done right, it will attract the audience you want to reach. If the content you put out on Instagram is appealing to that audience, they are more likely to become your followers.

Your Profile

The content that Instagram allows you to put on your profile is pretty limited. You get a profile photo, one link, and 150 characters for your bio. These elements are important, but they are actually not the most important part of your profile. The most important part is your photo feed.

Your feed is where you can display your visual brand on Instagram. I don’t want to say that it needs to look completely polished, but it does need to be professional and uniform. Executing this well may be the difference between someone deciding to follow your account or not.

Think about it – when you check out a new person’s profile on Instagram, which are you more likely to follow: one that has an attractive, uniform look, or one that is a jumbled mess of images?

(There are methods out there for growing your Instagram following. For our purposes, I’m not going to delve into these growth hacks. But I will tell you that if you do employ any growth techniques, you need a branded Instagram account. The reason is because these methods can only get people to look at your profile, but in order for them to take the next step to follow you, you have to give them a good reason to!)

You need to have an attractive Instagram account that is consistent with the style of your brand. This, in turn, will attract more followers.

Here I am going to provide six ways you can achieve this.

Depending on what makes the most sense for your brand, you can try to apply as many of these as possible. If you pick one and run with it, that’s fine too!

6 Ways to Brand Your Instagram Profile

1. Themed Content

Of all these tips, this is one is an absolute must because it is the most important. Before we get to actually designing your posts and your profile, you need to take a moment and list out what your Instagram account is about.

You need to decide now, is this account for business or pleasure?

If it’s for business, then you probably need to stop posting about your kids, your dog, what you did over the weekend, ate for breakfast, etc. If you absolutely need to post about your personal life, create a separate account for that…

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2 years ago

Love this article! Personally, as someone who is navigating the waters of social media, this post is really helpful. Thank you!

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