How to Use the Clubhouse App (Social Platform for Drop-in Audio)

The new Clubhouse app is a really unique social platform with audio-only content. It’s basically a mixture between a chat room, podcasting platform, and a zoom call.

The app is currently invite-only for iPhone users, but I have been told it will open up to Android users this spring. In the meantime, go ahead and reserve your username while you’re waiting to get an invite.

So, let’s take a look at the newest social media app that everyone is buzzing about!

How to Use the Clubhouse App

Your “Hallway”

When you first open the app, you’ll be taken to the main screen – this area is often referred to as the “hallway.” On here, you’ll see the different rooms that are live right now, that span a variety of topics.

The cool thing is that, for anyone you are following, it’ll show you the rooms that they’re currently a part of. For this reason, I recommend following people who you think would be interested in similar topics as you. You can also browse additional rooms under explore.

Joining a Clubhouse Room

When you join a room, you’ll immediately be added to the audience, where you can listen to the discussion. Each room has a host, and often several moderators, who have the green asterisk next to their name. Those without the green asterisks are ones who have been called up on stage.

You can request to join the stage yourself by tapping the Hand Raise button, and the moderators can approve you. Once on stage, you’ll be able to mute and unmute your mic to ask questions or add to the discussion.

If you want to add someone to the room, you can do so by tapping the plus button and selecting which of your friends to invite.

Starting Your Own Room

Here’s another great thing about Clubhouse: anyone can start their own room! Just give it a name and decide if you want it to be public, for those in your network, or a private room.


I’ve been really enjoying the app so far, and I see a lot of potential for it. To learn how to actually market your business on Clubhouse, go check out this video!

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