How To Extract Audio From Video on Mac iMovie 10.0

So, you want to be able to export or extract audio from video on Mac and/or iMovie. If you are using iMovie 10.0 as part of the OS X Mavericks, you probably ran into the same problem I did. Unfortunately, it appears that there is no way to do it like you could in previous versions of iMovie.


You can achieve the same result by watching the video or by following the steps below.

How To Extract Audio From Video on Mac:

  1. “Share” (i.e. Export) your iMovie project as a File.
  2. After your video file is done rendering, go to where you saved it.
  3. Right Click, and select “Encode Selected Video Files”.
  4. Next to “Setting:”, select “Audio Only” from the drop-down menu, then “Continue”.
  5. Your audio file should should appear after a few seconds as an .m4a file.

From here, go ahead an play your file to hear that all of the audio from the video/iMovie project has been carried over. Now you are free to import the .m4a file into Logic or Garageband to edit the audio or do whatever else you need with it.

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Arthur Lipner

11 months ago

Thanks a ton for sharing this info, Luke!


10 months ago

Thanks for your great sharing! Before founding your post, I extracted audio from video with DRmare Audio Capture. As for me, this tool works well, but I will also take a try of the tips you gave us. Thanks a lot!


6 months ago

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this info. I was looking for a simple and easy way to splice audio from a video file to turn into podcast. Worked perfectly!

Jonathan Michaels

4 months ago

Thank you.

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