The Best Social Media Platforms for Business (in 2021)

If you want to leverage the power of social media this year to grow your business, it can be overwhelming to figure out where you should invest your time and money. There are so many social platforms (and even sub-platforms) out there that there’s no way you can possibly leverage all of them.

So I’m going to share what I believe to be the best social media platforms for business this year and help you determine where your business should invest its resources.

Now, the way I define the best platforms is this: the best platforms are the ones where you can reach the most people spending little to no money. So the platforms I’m about to share are the ones that are going to provide the most organic reach.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Business in 2021

1. TikTok

That’s right, TikTok is no longer just an app for kids making dumb videos. Today, you’ll find creators of all ages producing all types of content. I recently spoke to an entrepreneur friend in the B2B space, and he told me he’s gained more clients from TikTok than he has from any other social platform.

For the few of you who listened to Gary Vee and hopped on the TikTok bandwagon, you’ve no doubt benefited from this growing platform! But it’s not too late to get on board – we continue to see very high organic reach on the platform. And that’s because, even though there are now a lot of users on TikTok, relative to that number the inventory of content is still actually pretty low.

We’ve been seeing an upward trend for short vertical video content and, while TikTok has been leading the way, 2020 saw several competitors emerge. If you haven’t already, it may be time to consider hopping on this trend.

2. YouTube Shorts

Shorts is basically YouTube’s version of TikTok, and there are two reasons that I think this is going to be an important sub-platform.

First, it’s new and, in an effort to compete with TikTok, YouTube has made the organic reach higher. I’ve heard from multiple YouTubers that their Shorts are getting double and triple the number of views of their regular videos.

The second reason is that YouTube Shorts are searchable on YouTube. This is something TikTok doesn’t have and could be a real advantage to creating short-form content on YouTube.

3. Instagram Reels

Instagram is also trying to compete with TikTok and, for this reason, Instagram Reels organic reach is also high. But I predict that it probably won’t be for long.

In my opinion, Instagram is dying. They continue to add more and more features, and I believe it’s lost the simplicity that once made it great. But, even more than this, their organic reach sucks. It’s become nearly impossible to grow an account – that is, without paying for ads. And even worse, they’re actually suppressing creators. The most popular post on my blog is one I wrote three years ago about getting shadowbanned on Instagram and, to this day, I get hits on this post and people asking me how to fix their account.

With that being said, Instagram Reels seem to be the only form of content gaining traction, so take advantage of this now while you can!

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has completely reinvented itself. It’s no longer just a place to post your resume – it has become a vibrant content platform, especially for video content. And, let me tell you, the organic reach on LinkedIn is awesome! I know because I’ve been taking advantage of it for the last 18 months. Now, we certainly have seen some drop in reach over time, but you’ll still find that it’s way better than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

And, while LinkedIn has traditionally been great for B2B marketing, today you can create content in just about any space.

5. Facebook Groups

Now, Facebook Pages have been dead for years – I don’t know why people even post on them anymore. But Facebook Groups, on the other hand, are still an excellent tool for marketing. They’re especially great for coaches and consultants.

In 2017, Facebook made a major shift towards making Facebook Groups their primary focus on the platform, and so they’ve still been promoting groups heavily and trying to get people to use them even more. This can be a great thing for you if you decide to market your business with a Facebook group. It becomes like owning your own social network that you fully control and where you can market directly to the audience that you’ve built.

In fact, this year, we decided we wanted to create a community using a Facebook group, helping people market their business using the power of content marketing. If that interests you, I welcome you to join our community!

6. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a really unique social app that features audio-only conversations. If you’re not familiar with this new platform, I would describe it as a mixture between a chat room, a podcasting platform, and a Zoom call.

It has definitely made its mark so far in 2021, and I see a lot of potential for it. Plus, the fact that Facebook and Twitter are both trying to come up with their own versions of it, should tell you to pay attention. In light of the pandemic, which has deprived many of us of regular social interactions, I think Clubhouse is meeting that need for a lot of people.

Check out this video to learn some creative ways you can use Clubhouse to market your business!

Which Social Platform is Right For You?

In my opinion, these are the main platforms you should be investing in this year.

However, in the end, the best social platform for your business is the one where your target customer is hanging out. And, even though the organic reach on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms may not be great, it may still be worth you focusing on them if that’s where your customer is. And, in that case, you may need to take the route of paying to run ads on those platforms.

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Judith Jude Gaal

8 months ago

I like LinkedIn the best. It is totally professional.

SwiftChat Live Chat App

8 months ago

Finding the right social media platform is essential if you want your business to prosper.

Julia Hasting

4 months ago

In today’s era, the usage of social media has topped the level, and even kids utilize their time on it. Based on that, branding and marketing your product on all these platforms is perhaps the best tool we could use. Thanks for these tips anyway!

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