The Introvert’s Guide to Networking

I’m an introvert, and for me, networking used to terrify me. Can you relate? One of the first networking events I attended was pretty large (about 200 people). I walked around, got a free drink, but I barely talked to anyone. Most of my time was spent standing awkwardly near the back wall because I couldn’t bring myself to talk to a complete stranger. I left the event feeling like a failure and like I had wasted my time. But in moving to a new city (Charleston, SC) and wanting to grow my business, I knew I needed to figure out how to make this networking thing work for me. Eighteen months later, I have found my rhythm. I’m much more confident, and networking doesn’t terrify many anymore. Much of the time, I actually kind of like it. What changed? I’m going to share everything I’ve learned, and what I believe will help you build the confidence you need to start networking for your business. And by the way, most of these tips are not just for introverts… The Introvert’s Guide to Networking 1. Change your mindset: building friendships rather than making sales Don’t go into it trying to make a sale – instead, […]

How to Find Local Networking Events: 5 Great Resources

When I first relocated to Charleston, SC, I knew I needed to get out start networking for my business, but I didn’t know where to start. I’m going to share with you what I wish I had known then. So here are my top 5 resources and websites to help you find local networking events! Find Networking Events in Your City 1. Meetup is basically the social network for local events and recurring meetups. On there you’ll find a ton of free events, as well as some paid events too. To get started, first create an account, then click the “Explore” tab to search for events by category. And it’s not just for business networking–you’ll find meetups for working out, playing board games, and much more. What I really like about this site (and its correlating mobile app) is you can see the people who are attending the event ahead of time. This can be a huge help if you want to make the most out of your time and determine who you’d like to connect with ahead of time. 2. Facebook Events I’m sure you’ve RSVPed to many of your friend’s events on Facebook, but what you may […]

How to Market Your Business on IGTV (Instagram’s New Platform)

This week, Instagram launched a new video platform called IGTV, and it’s presenting an awesome opportunity to market your business and reach your audience! What Is IGTV? Think of IGTV as the “YouTube for vertical, mobile-first video.” That’s because creators are only allowed to upload vertically-sized videos. Not only is IGTV a new feature of the regular Instagram app, but they’ve also created a completely separate app for it as well. Now video is not new to Instagram, however being able to upload videos longer than 1 minute is. Right now, most Instagram accounts will be able to upload up to 10 minute videos. And for accounts with larger followings, you can upload 60 minutes. How to Use IGTV to Market Your Business Now this presents a new opportunity for markers and businesses because any account can start a IGTV Channel. (To do this on the Instagram app: tap the IGTV icon at the top > go to the Gear icon > select Create Channel) 1. Create Valuable Content for Your Audience The future of marketing is creating content around your brand that either informs or entertains. If you’re not doing one of those two things moving forward, you’re going […]

How to Overcome the “Difficult Client” (for Designers and Creatives)

I wanted to take this opportunity to answer a question that came to me from a fellow designer. It’s one that seems to plague a lot of graphic designers and those in the creative industry: What do you do when a client rejects your creative direction and wants you to create something that you know will look bad, or not be right for their brand? Should you just do what they want, or stick to your guns? Any designers reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about! Even if you’re not a designer, I think you’ll enjoy getting to hear a little bit of my design process, and how I’ve learned to overcome these pitfalls. The Client vs. the Graphic Designer In the design industry, it’s easy to feel like it’s the client vs. the designer. Many time we end up blaming the client when creative differences like these arise. But it’s really not meant to be this way. Don’t get me wrong, there are bad clients out there, but 90% of the time, I’ve discovered that it’s not the client who is at fault. It’s actually our fault as designers for not setting the expectations and qualifying our clients […]

Why I Started a YouTube Channel for My Business (and Why You Should Too!)

If you’re like me, when you want to figure out how to do something, you go straight to YouTube. Often even the most specific and obscure question can be answered by a simple YouTube search. You find some business owner or hobbyist who specializes in that that “thing” you’re trying to learn, and they walk you step-by-step. That was sure nice of them to post that video, wasn’t it? In fact, they seem to have an entire YouTube channel based around that subject. Have you ever wondered why they would take the time to do this? Well, I recently started a YouTube Channel for my Design and Marketing business for the same reason that many of these nice folks have! In my new segment entitled Pro Tips with Luke Seavers, I offer practical tips to entrepreneurs related to business, marketing, and design. I want to take a moment to share why I decided to start this YouTube Channel, and why you as a business owner should consider it too! Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business 1. The Law of Reciprocity A huge reason for starting a YouTube Channel and creating video content has everything to do […]

Everything You Need to Know About Website Domain Names (and Then Some!)

The Guide to Domain Names Without domain names, the internet would be a very different place. In the 30-odd years since domain names first became a thing, the internet has exploded in popularity and is now part of all of our lives. There are over 300 million active domain names, with this number growing by 9% each year. The domain name industry is growing like never before, especially after the release on many new top-level domains. The introduction of new top-level domains has flooded the market with hundreds of new extensions. When you are registering a domain now, you are no longer limited to .com,, .net or .org, for example. You can now have domains such as .song and .app. For example, a marketing company could use .marketing or a law firm .law. The possibilities are now endless. This, paired with the advent of specialized WordPress hosting makes site building, branding and promotion much easier. The possibility to target specific areas and groups of people with the very domain name of your site has potential that is yet untapped. The domain name industry is expected to grow even more and see another explosion in growth as people accept and […]

6 Ways to Brand Your Instagram Profile to Attract More Followers

Whether you are working to grow a company or a personal brand on Instagram, branding your Instagram profile is extremely important! Branding or “brand identity” refers to all of the visual components associated with you company. It includes your logo, your color scheme, your uniform, the interior design of your store, photography, and much more. With this in mind, branding your Instagram is vital for three primary reasons: Of all the social networks, Instagram is by far the most visual. So how you “look” on Instagram makes a difference. Branding brings uniformity to all of your marketing materials, of which Instagram is one of them. The purpose of having a uniform look is to develop recognition for your brand over time. When branding is done right, it will attract the audience you want to reach. If the content you put out on Instagram is appealing to that audience, they are more likely to become your followers. Your Profile The content that Instagram allows you to put on your profile is pretty limited. You get a profile photo, one link, and 150 characters for your bio. These elements are important, but they are actually not the most important part of your profile. […]

7 Free Productivity Tools that Will Save You Time in Your Business

You’re an entrepreneur, and you’re busy – I get it! Not only are you working at your craft, you’re also doing a lot of other tasks required to make your business succeed. Personally, I wish I could just design logos and websites all day, but as business owners, we have to wear a ton of hats! From networking, to make sales calls, to sending invoices, to managing social media, and much more, it sucks up a lot of time. So who wouldn’t want to save time on certain tasks where we can? Well, I have been using some pretty awesome productivity tools that have helped me tremendously, and I’m sure they will help you too. Best of all, these are all free! 7 Free Productivity Tools For Busy Entrepreneurs 1. Asana Of all these tools I’m about to share, I’m starting with my favorite! I’ve searched for months for a project management tool just to manage my business tasks, and I recently discovered Asana. I used to get overwhelmed with everything on my plate. My wife would always tell me to make a list, and she was right! Making lists gets tasks off your mind, you can visually see what […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Web Designer to Build Your Website

If you are thinking about getting a website for your business, or redesigning your existing one, you’re probably trying to figure out the best route to take. With all the new platforms out there, should you do it yourself? Or should you hire a web designer? And if you were to hire a web designer, how do you know what kind of designer to hire? I am a web designer based out of Charleston, SC, but it may come as a surprise to you that I don’t think you should hire a designer to build your site… At least, they shouldn’t be just a designer. As a designer myself, I get excited at the prospect of building you a beautiful, modern website that will impress your customers. However, I know that you don’t simply need a beautiful website… You need a beautiful website that will actually help you meet your business goals – whether that be generating leads, converting browsers into buyers, building an email list, etc. While there are a lot of web designers out there, many of them only understand graphic design – they do not understand the fundamentals of marketing. Your website is one of the most […]

9 Hacks That Will Boost SEO On Your Blog

9 Simple Hacks That Will Boost SEO On Your Blog

Whether you’re trying to improve the search ranking of your blog posts, or make your business website searchable in Google, blogging can be a great tool for SEO. So, when you’re writing that next post, try and implement these 9 practical tips to help boost SEO on your blog and your website. In my last post, The Secret to Good SEO for Business Owners, I explained why blogging and producing great content can be your greatest ally for Search Engine Optimization. Now that you’ve created that great content, what you need to do is make it easy for Google to find it. That’s what we’ll be talking about here. While the previous post focused on the theory behind strong SEO, these tips will be very practical. By using the principles from the last post in conjunction with these tips, you’ll be sure to get your posts ranked on Google. 9 Simple Hacks to Boost SEO On Your Blog 1. Determine a Keyword Phrase. You need to determine a short phrase that encapsulates what your blog post is about. This keyword is a phrase that you believe a person will type into the Google search box. It should be fairly specific, something […]