4 Amazing Color Palette Tools I Use to Design Every Day

As a freelance designer, I work with colors every day. From designing a logo to creating a one-pager, I’m always experimenting with palettes and colors combinations in order to produce the best work for my clients. They say there are no right and wrongs when creating art, and that’s mostly true; but there are also best practices that we can use as guidelines to produce good design. Colors are no different. You have a lot of freedom to mix and match colors, but there is such things as horrible color combinations (read 5 Color Choices You Absolutely Must Avoid When Designing for the Web). Matching colors tastefully is an art. It’s not always the easiest, but it can be the difference between an ok design and a great design. Even I need some help sometimes, and thanks to the internet, there are some pretty amazing tools out there to help you choose colors for your next design. So, I’ve compiled this list of color palette tools, which I use virtually every day: 1. ColorHunt is awesome. Here you and other designers can submit your own custom color palettes with 4 colors. Anyone who likes a palette, hits the “Like” button, which […]

5 Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page That Converts

What’s a Landing Page? A “landing page” is a web page that stands apart from your website that has a single focused objective. You can use them for selling a product or service, promoting a product launch, getting email subscribers, and more. They are extremely important to your digital marketing strategy. Most commonly, they are used in conjunction with an ad or sponsored post campaign. Your ad links directly to a landing page where potential customers can learn more and take action. You can’t afford to mess up on designing your landing pages! It could mean the difference between making and losing the sale. I’ve developed and designed landing pages for many different brands. And from that experience, I’ve gathered a few simple, but important tips that you can begin implementing today in your landing page. 5 Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page 1. Be clear about what you’re offering and the benefits. Your copy should clearly communicate what you offer, and how this will make the person’s life better. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies fail to stay focused, and they end up confusing their users. So, let’s say you’re building a landing page for […]

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Website

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Website In the world of websites, I often compare a website to a house. In this comparison, your domain name is like your house’s address. It’s how people find you. But this analogy does not do justice to the full implications of having a domain. Most people don’t have an easy-to-remember house address, and that’s ok. Not so for a domain. Having the right domain is crucial! For this reason, I want to walk you through a few pointers to choose the best domain name for your business or brand. First, where can you search for and purchase available domains? There are many domain registrars out there: GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Dreamhost are just a few. It doesn’t really matter much where you buy it. Domains are usually between $11-$18 per year, however some Premium domains can cost thousands of dollars. Through these domain registrars, you can search availability for potential domains. The search results will usually show the most popular extensions first (.COM, .ORG. .NET) if they are available; but if not, there are other extensions available like .INFO, .US, .CO, etc. Tip #1. If possible, get a .COM or .ORG .COM […]

Should I Build My Website with

Recently, I decided to test-drive a website builder called Now, why would a web developer like myself want to try out a service made for non-developers? Two reasons. One, I love to be up on what other web products are out there. And, two, before WordPress became the preeminent platform for building websites, I’m sure the seasoned developers with coding experience wrote it off because of how simple it was. Today, everyone uses WordPress to build their sites, but maybe a simpler platform like Wix will rise to take its place eventually. I wanted to find out for myself. Perhaps you’re not a web developer, and you want to know whether or not you should attempt to build a website yourself or just go ahead hire a developer. This analysis will help you! I am going to judge the quality of the Wix service by asking 5 important questions. 1. Does it implement good design? This was actually not my first time trying out Wix. I had attempted to build a site with it about four years ago, so the first thing I noticed immediately was that they really have stayed up to date with their design templates. I […]

How to Point a NameCheap Domain to GoDaddy Hosting

  In this video, we discuss how to point (i.e. direct) your domain to your hosting. So, this basically means that you have purchased a website domain name (, .org, etc.) through NameCheap, but want to host your website on a hosting account with GoDaddy. For your convenience, we have also provided basic instructions below. Instructions To Point NameCheap Domain To GoDaddy Hosting: 1. Login to GoDaddy > Go to My Account 2. Under Web Hosting, click Manage to take you to the cPanel 3. Scroll down, and click Addon Domains under Domains section Under New Domain Name, type in your NameCheap domain name, and the rest should auto-fill > Click Add Domain Click Home to take you back to cPanel 4. Scroll down, and click DNS Mangager under Domains section Under your new domain name, click Edit Zone On the Zone File Editor page, scroll down to the (NS) Nameserver section Under that you will see two strings of text under Points To. We will be copying and pasting these in a moment 5. Login to NameCheap > Go to Dashboard > Click View next to “Number of domains in your account” 6. Select the domain you want to point […]

LANDR Review – Comparing LANDR To Other Mastering Services

LANDR is a unique new mastering service that bypasses the human element. That’s right, essentially your tracks get mastered by a robot. I was certainly skeptical at first, but the prices of LANDR’s services–which are the lowest in the industry–made me want to look into it. One would argue that mastering your song (which traditionally means getting your song ready for radio play) is one of the most important steps of the music production process because it involves putting the finishing touches on your song. The desired end result is to get a full and clear sound, as well as boosting it to an industry standard volume level. Because the mastering step is so crucial, I decided to do a comparison of LANDR with three other Mastering services with comparable prices. Each of the services listed below are between $25 and $35 per track. LANDR’s pricing structure is different than that of most mastering engineers because they also offer unlimited masters for a monthly subscription. But those who are serious about their music will want to get their song in an uncompressed .WAV file format, which you can get for either $9.99 per track or $39/month for unlimited WAVs. (Click here to visit my referral link, which will […]

Website And Logo Designed For Non-Profit – There Is Hope International

One of our latest projects was to help design a website and logo for the non-profit There Is Hope International, formally known as The Hope House. There Is Hope International is Christian-based organization that primarily works with street kids in third world countries with the goal to “spread the love of Jesus to the forgotten ones.” For this project, we helped them with completely rebranding their organization because of their recent name change. They also saw the need for a complete overhaul of their website. Green was chosen as the main accent color in the logo and site design, which works very well for this cause-based organization. We used vibrant photos and graphics throughout the site, many of which are photos of children on the street, which clearly identifies the target demographic of There Is Hope International as well as evoking an emotional tie to the cause. The main feature of the logo (pictured below) is the tribal-looking sun, which is used as the “O” in Hope. This surprisingly simple icon is what makes the logo stand out and helps communicate the world-focus of this organization. Go now and check out the finished product: