Who We Are

We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them reflect success in their brand. Founded by Luke Seavers, One Nine Pro is a creative design agency in Charleston, SC, providing services for graphic design, branding, web design, book publishing, and more.

Luke Seavers

Luke Seavers is the founder of One Nine Pro. Luke wears a lot of hats as a graphic designer, web designer, publishing consultant, and more. His passion is to use creativity to empower others.

Luke Haiti circleIn 2013, shortly after graduating with a music degree from Liberty University, he started "One Nine Productions", a production company for selling beats and providing other music services. During that time, he also began taking on freelance graphic design and web development jobs. In time, these services rose to prominence as the focal point of his business.

In 2016, Luke rebranded his company, changing the name to One Nine Pro to encompass the broader range of creative services offered. That year, One Nine Pro also published its first book, Radiant Purpose, and later a children's book entitled Runaway Stroller. Luke now acts as a consultant for up-and-coming authors, helping them release their book to the world.

When Luke isn't spending time empowering clients with their brand, he is empowering those in the Third World. In 2015, Luke and his wife Semone began working in Haiti and co-founded a non-profit called Home For The Nations to foster their community development work abroad.

Today, Luke and his wife live in Charleston, SC where he serves clients locally and remotely all over the world.